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  • 25 May 2021 2:17 PM | Willoughby Francis (Administrator)

    The owners of the popular Crown Bakery, located at 5409 Georgia Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20011, Trevor and Jennifer Selman will be recognized on Tuesday 25th May when  the Virtual Play Crown by Marjuan Canady, is streamed on facebook at 7:00pm.  Crown is a short play that tells the story of Trinidadian food entrepreneurs and bakers, Trevor and Jennifer Selman, as they created "Crown Bakery" in Washington, DC. 

    Marjuan Canady  has been commissioned by the @atlanticpacifictheatre to write the new play about Trevor and Jennifer for the Island Table Series, a play festival presenting a menu of short plays inspired by global cuisine and history.  The Virtual play Premieres at 7pm EST

    FREE RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/island-table-series-a-play-festival-presenting-a-menu-of-short-plays-tickets-156101179831

    WATCH LIVE AT:  https://www.facebook.com/atlanticpacifictheatre/live/

    Marjuan Canady, originally from Trinidad, is an award-winning Caribbean-American artist, entrepreneur, educator, and literacy advocate. A native Washingtonian, her work spans theater, film, television, children’s media, and literature. Her original work has been seen at The John F. Kennedy Center, Sesame Street, The Smithsonian, The Lincoln Center for Performing Arts, Miami Book Fair, Ryan Seacrest Foundation and the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute. She is the CEO/ Author and Creative Director of the children's media brand, Callaloo Kids. She has held fellowships at The Schomburg Center, the DC Commission on the Arts, the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute, Lincoln Center, Harlem Stage, and the Anacostia Arts Center.  She is the Founder of her production company Sepia Works and non-profit, Canady Foundation for the Arts. She is a graduate of Duke Ellington School of the Arts, Fordham University, and NYU Tisch. She is a proud member of the Producer’s Guild of America.

  • 18 May 2021 7:15 PM | Willoughby Francis (Administrator)

    The Owners of Cane will bring Trinidad’s liming culture to 14th Street, NW. DC, this summer.  St. James will dish out callaloo, black pudding, and other island favorites.

    Story by Lenore Adkins | @lladkins  May 17, 2021, 2:12pm EDT

    Originally published at Eater DC

    Brother-sister duo Peter and Jeanine Prime. 
    Karen Race/Karen Race Photography

    Trinidad is known for its limes, a term locals use to describe social events with good food, drinks, and friends that sometimes last all day and night. It is in this joyous spirit that Cane’s award-winning chef Peter Prime and his younger sister, co-owner Jeanine Prime will open their second D.C. restaurant across town this summer.

    St. James (2017 14th Street NW) will pay homage to the cuisine and culture of their native Trinidad. These influences come from indigenous people, Chinese and Indian descendants of indentured laborers, Black people whose African ancestors were enslaved there, and the various European powers who colonized the island.

    Prime, Eater DC’s 2019 Chef of the Year for Cane, will have a much bigger space to work with at St. James. The 2,800-square-foot spot, which formerly housed Quarter + Glory, is almost three times larger than Cane, the siblings’ popular, H Street NE restaurant centered around traditional Caribbean street foods.

    St. James is named after the vibrant district within Trinidad’s capital, Port of Spain. Known for its booming nightlife and reflection of Trinidad’s diverse food, cultures and traditions. St. James epitomizes liming. The Primes grew up near St. James and remember it as a hub for late-night eateries and bars.

    “It’s kind of like a part of town that never sleeps and there are lots of street festivals,” Jeanine Prime says.

    The district is also home to Hosay, a Muslim ceremony that commemorates Hussein and Hassan, the murdered grandsons of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. Locals observe it for 10 days, most notably through processions filled with drumming and floats shaped like mausoleums, also known as tadjahs.

    Info about St. James, TrinidadOrnate iron gates in St. James, Port of Spain, Trinidad. Works from photographer Jason White will be displayed in the restaurant. Jason White/official photo

    The restaurant will offer modern takes on the cuisine the Primes grew up on, which they say is still undervalued in the food world.

    “European cuisine, particularly French cuisine, is what’s seen as high cuisine, haute cuisine,” Jeanine Prime says. “When people often talk about Caribbean food … it’s often reduced to a few things, like (Jamaican) jerk chicken, rice and peas, and patties.”

    As such, the in-the-works menu will showcase a charcuterie board with black pudding, a well-known blood sausage in St. James that the Primes will likely serve with hops bread.

    Black pudding is traditionally prepared with pig’s blood, but modern versions can include pork liver. Chef Prime aims to set his apart by including lots of green seasoning and regional pimento and scotch bonnet peppers and finishing the dish with sautéed peppers and onions.

    “It really needs to win you over at the first bite,” he said. “It’s almost like a dense pâté.”

    Callaloo, a popular soup in Trinidad and elsewhere in the Caribbean, will find a home at St. James. Trinidadian callaloo is a mashup of scotch bonnet peppers, green onions, thyme, dasheen leaves, okra, onions, salt meat, and crab all cooked in coconut milk. Chef Prime will punch up his take on the dish by making it more crab-centered. From there, he may roll out other versions.

    COVID-19 capacity restrictions prompted the siblings to transform their tiny, 33-seat restaurant with a four-seat bar into a carryout operation. St. James, by comparison, will seat 97 guests, including 20 at the bar and 12 on the patio for brunch and dinner.

    “It’s a lot more space than our cozy quarters at Cane,” Jeanine Prime said.

    The bigger bar means the Primes can expand their cocktail program and add beer on tap. Chef Prime hopes to launch house-made shandies, that will combine beer and different kinds of juices. The siblings haven’t made final calls on the juices, but Peter Prime has been experimenting with different citrus flavors.

    The Primes intend to reserve space at the restaurant so that young and up-and-coming chefs can headline late-night pop-ups.

    “We want to support other Black business owners and inspire other Black entrepreneurs and that has informed the partnerships in bringing St. James to life, to fruition,” Jeanine Prime said. “We really want to inspire that entrepreneurship, particularly among the BIPOC group.”

    The Primes say they’ll return Cane to full service before opening St. James and bring their flair to the buzzy 14th Street strip in a sophisticated, not stuffy, setting.

    “It kind of hit home for us at a lot of levels — the vibe of St. James reminds me of 14th Street the way I remembered it pre-COVID,” Peter Prime said. “After all we’ve been through, we all need a good lime right now.”

  • 17 May 2021 11:37 AM | Willoughby Francis (Administrator)

    Embassy of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago wishes to share the following in connection with DMV Caribbean Community Vaccination Day, a collaborative initiative of the DC Office of Health Equity and the CARICOM Caucus of Ambassadors which is being held this Saturday, May 22nd, at the Howard University Numa Adams Building, from 9 am to 2 pm. 

    Kindly note that DMV residents 12 and older are eligible to participate, regardless of immigration or insurance status, and may provide any form of valid picture ID on arrival at the vaccination site. In addition, kindly note that prospective participants are being asked to pre-register for their vaccines, however, a limited number of walk-up slots will also be made available.

    To learn more about this vaccination initiative, kindly note that a virtual information session will be held for members of the Caribbean Diaspora, this Thursday evening at 5:30 pm, details of which are to follow.

    The Embassy would be grateful if you could kindly share the above with those in your networks.

  • 15 May 2021 4:50 PM | Willoughby Francis (Administrator)

    The members in attendance at the Special Meeting called for the purposes of considering an amendment to the Association's Bylaws held on Friday May 14th unanimously adopted the revised Bylaws to replace the Bylaws that were in place for 50 years. The Bylaws committee comprising Nigel Scott, Winston Yallery-Arthur and Duane Scott must be commended for their hard work and diligence in completing this task. 

    The Association is indebted to these gentlemen for their contribution. The new Bylaws will be available online to members in good standing at the website at ttadc.org under the members tab

  • 13 Apr 2021 1:27 AM | Willoughby Francis (Administrator)

    The Embassy wishes to share the following Press Release issued by the Ministry of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs, in response to the recent eruption of the La Soufrière volcano, in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG): 

    Ministry of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs  |  Press Release on the Eruption of La Soufriere Volcano in St. Vincent and the Grenadines


    In this regard, the Embassy wishes to inform that Nationals who are currently in SVG are being urged to register their names, contact information, and current status with the Ministry of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs, at the following email address: nationalsinsvg@foreign.gov.tt.

    In addition, for information on a Relief Collection Drive which has been established by the Trinidad and Tobago Red Cross Society for the People of St Vincent and the Grenadines, kindly click here.

    The Embassy would be grateful if you could kindly share the above with those in your networks. 


    Embassy of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

    1708 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.

    Washington, D.C. 20036

    Tel: (202) 467-6490

    Fax: (202) 785-3130

    Email: embdcinfo@foreign.gov.tt  

    Website: www.foreign.gov.tt/embwashington 

  • 18 Mar 2021 7:00 AM | Willoughby Francis (Administrator)

    The Trinidad & Tobago Association launched its new website on March 19th 2021 in a phased manner

    The first phase was to present the basic website as is viewed by the public.

    The second phase activated membership services.  This is where existing members are be able to log into the site to view and update their personal profiles, view and download their membership cards, renew their membership fees online.  Also included is a catalog which when fully stocked will allow online purchasing of TTADC branded merchandise.  Currently, only the 50th Anniversary mug is available for sale.

    This new site is a part of a management tool designed to maintain and manage membership related issues.


  • 11 Mar 2021 12:41 AM | Willoughby Francis (Administrator)

    The following is a report of the distribution of iPads donated to Trinidad & Tobago schools as reported by Mr. Chan LeePow of TTDAN, who graciously assisted in getting the devices to their destinations.

    This document is to confirm the receipt of three thousand dollars ($3,000) from TTADC in late 2020, to be used toward the purchase of IPADs as donation. These funds were put together with TTDAN’s funds which total sum was used as follows:

    1. $3,766 to purchase fourteen (14) APPLE IPADs at a negotiated discount price.
    2. Additional costs were incurred to acquire fourteen (14) protective cases for these IPADs and fourteen (14) stylus pens for use with the IPADs.

    TTDAN did incur some additional costs for airfreight and clearance charges in Trinidad.  

    The IPADs along with the items listed in (2) above were donated to the following schools and orphanages:

    1. St. Dominics Childrens’ Home (formerly Belmont orphanage) {3 IPADs} 
    2. St. Mary’s Home (formerly Tacarigua Orphanage) {3 IPADs)
    3. Methodist School in San Fernando (2 IPADs)
    4. Methodist School in Princess Town (2 IPADs)
    5. Two Methodist Schools in Goodwood and Charlotteville in Tobago (3 IPADs) 
    6. A childrens’ home named “Sylphil Home In Love” in Pascal Village, Signal Hill, Tobago (I IPAD) 

  • 9 Mar 2021 1:54 PM | Willoughby Francis (Administrator)


    This re-design of the Trinidad & Tobago Association's website is meant to be a versatile communications tool which is meant to serve the members our associates and the public at large. The goal is to be an integral part of the proposed strategy of the Commuications Committe, allowing us to provide content quickly and accurately to both the public, via our public facing pages and well as our members via the members only pages.

    New capabilities will allow us to broadcast emails to members and/or contacts; to send invoices for membership renewal;  to recruit new membership and much more.

    A very important feature is that the site does not need a webdesigner's skill to be upgraded or managed. It can be done internally by us, and the cost of hosting the content, support and maintenance is reasonable. To maintain and host the site at our current level of membership is $250.00

    Costs associated with this project will be discussed outside of this communication.

    PLEASE REVIEW the site and submit any questions or recommendations you may have, so that they can be reviewed and addressed by the Communications Committee.

  • 11 Mar 2015 8:33 AM | Anonymous

    Using the blog gadget, you can add a blog to your Wild Apricot site to provide timely updates and information to your membership.

    By using Recent blog posts, you can display a list of the most recent blog posts, with links to the full posts. The list will include the date of each post and the name of the poster – with the name linking to their profile if available.

    For instructions on inserting, moving, and deleting gadgets, see Gadgets.

  • 11 Mar 2015 7:36 AM | Anonymous

    You can create as many different blogs as you wish. You can limit access to a blog by placing it on a restricted page. If you make the page public, you can still use the blog gadget settings to control functionality for visitors and members.

    You can read more about setting up blogs on our Blog help page.

    If you are looking on more information on how to use blog, you can find it here.

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